Boats for Voat

What is Boats?

Boats is a client for Voat is a website that's similar to Reddit, but emphasises no censorship and to be a platform for free speech.

Boats is currenty available for Android only. However, the code is developed in a portable way, so it can run on iOS and Windows Phone, except for the UI part which had to be native.

What makes Boats different?

That I actually listen to feedback and respond. Check Google reviews or /v/boats, I also reply to all emails.

Why did I start Boats?

I was "lurking" on for a while and I saw that the community is asking for an Android app. I also had free time and I wanted to learn Android programming.

I saw a good opportunity to create something that's driven by the community's input and feedback. I knew it will be a fun thing to do and that I will get a positive response, and that it was.

That was it, three months later, I finally published and I made the following thread in /v/introductions:

Hi I'm Space Monkey, and I bring a new Android App to you !

Support Boats' Development?
Support Boats development and buy Space Monkey a gift:

Get in touch !?

You can always reach out to me for suggestions, bug reports, feedback or just to say hi via:

  • My email on the store.
  • /v/boats
  • Submit a Google review on the store.